~ An Hour With You~


Iím mesmerized in luminous glows,
Just shining brightly on everything,
I sense the magnificence of God,
Iím writing you of His Being.

I even see one Star of splendor,
Sparkling in flashes brilliantly,
Bringing His Light of the world to all,
In an iridescent beauty.

Gorgeous birds are in a silent hush,
And gaze with wonder and delight,
When a glorious light revealing,
The promised One comes in their sight.

Iím in a vision of purity,
In essence I hear angels sing,
High above the golden Christmas tree,
Proclaiming our Savior and King.

Yes these angels are as real today,
As they were that first sweet Christmas,
Announcing the birth of the Christ Child,
And His Presence will ever bless.

I see God's softly glistening snow,
White and pure's a heavenly sign,
Our Lord is shining brightly His Light,
To everlasting life we'll find.

Thereís a snow covered path guiding us,
To the Christmas tree that is awed,
And a gazebo pointing upward,
For a heart filled with love from God.

Love beams crowning the Christmas tree high,
Reaching to heaven where the Lord,
Comes from and where we will go one day,
To be with Him as His adored.

The glowing appearances on things,
Shining brightlyís Jesus starring,
Heís Love's power, God's heavenly glow,
With love, Merry Christmas darling.

©Sondra McPherson
11 November 2006


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Music: "Merry Christmas Darling"
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