~ An Hour With You~

I just couldn't sleep tonight,
And as I lay here wide awake.
Watching you sleep beside me,
I count every breath you take.

Your dark hair is tousled,
Spilling over your pillow case.
My heart is filled with wonderment,
As I study the features of your face.

What you're dreaming of I wonder,
Being here with you I'm living mine.
Our love will continue on forever,
Just like endless time.

Our tomorrows I look forward to,
What they will bring I just don't know.
But no matter wherever it leads us,
Without a doubt willingly I'd go.

Our past is so rich in memories,
Though our future we cannot see.
There is no need for me to worry,
Because I believe in you and me.

Happiness you bring to me,
And you surprise me everyday.
The fallen hair around your eyes,
Carefully and tenderly I brush away.

Through the bedroom window,
The sun's golden rays peek through.
As the clock ticks by the seconds,
The sky is turning blue.

I just couldn't sleep tonight,
And as I lay here wide awake.
I watch you as you start to stir,
For now it,
Day Break.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
December ~ 7 ~ 2006©

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February, 2001 Copyright © All rights reserved

Music: "Open Arms"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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