~ An Hour With You~

Hope can come in many different forms,
And it's always there to carry you through,
All of life’s bitter storms, and up and downs,
It can come from a smile, kind words that are spoken,
To lift up your spirits and mend a broken heart.

Hope comes from the joy of the memories,
That you made from yesterdays,
It's there to comfort you, and take away the tears you cry,
Hope is simple but sometimes hard to find,
Especially when it seems like the weight of the world,
Is weighing on your mind.

Hope is a prayer that has been answered,
It is the rock that you'll find,
For Jesus gives us hope,
For with out Him we would have no hope,
He is our refuge and strength, in time of need.

Keep hope in your heart; keep it there till there's more,
Hope is like a crystal; rare, precious and bold,
Hope is what makes us human,
Hope is what’s in our soul,
Each day will come and go,
But it's just another step for our hopes to come alive,
So don't give up, keep pressing through,
Hope is always there to until the end.

Keep Hope In Your Heart

Claudia Austin © 2006


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Music: "Jesus, The Light Of The Worldt"

Earnest And Roline Ministeries
Performed By: Chuck A.
Used With Permission

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