~ An Hour With You~

Hi, I'm Your heavenly Father, I Love
You. I understand all the hurt and pain.
I too was rejected, wounded and hurt.
I continued to do the will of my Father.
I laid down My life for you. It
wasn't the nails that kept Me on the
cross, it was My Love for you
My Child. I died so you could have life.
I've heard the sighs, I've seen the
tears. I'm waiting for you to talk to Me.
I have so much to say to you..
I love You and I'm always with you.
My Child I care for you. Many times
I try to get your attention but you
won't talk to Me, you banish me away.

Listen My Child, I still love you. Why
don't you give all your cares to Me?
I will handle everything in My time. There's
no need for you to worry, I have your
best interest at heart. Will you trust Me?
When I was hanging on the cruel cross,
I could have called a host of Angels but
I looked ahead and you were on My mind.
Some beautiful day I will come to bring
you home with Me. There you will enjoy
life for all Eternity. My Child won't you lean
upon Me my precious one. You have
been bought with a price. I have
claimed you for My own. You are Mine!!

Love Jesus

©Bernice Ward
May 2006

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Sequenced by: Jack Hall
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