~ An Hour With You~

The snow fell all through the night
As I snuggled in my warm bed deep in slumber.
I awoke and a wonderful view greeted my sight
When I saw the white blanket covering everything under.

A fire blazes in the fireplace giving a rosy glow
And my chair is drawn up close.
I sit and read my favorite book in the quietness I found
For all around there is not a sound.

Closing my book and resting my eyes,
I reflect on what I read and wonder
About the chance to pause a moment and ponder
The blessings of our daily lives.

With no one about to interrupt my time and space
I am free to meditate and look on God's face.
With grateful heart I lift my voice in praise
To thank Him for His saving grace.

Winter and snowed in, we get a chance to rest a while.
We always have another tomorrow
To deal with all our trouble and sorrow.
Then will be soon enough to rush about in a stew
But for now, I will just pause a while and enjoy the view.

©Jane Ward Smith
December 2, 2003

Music: "Winter White"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.