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Christmas, Then And Now

Christmas Day at "the old home place,"
Isn't like it use to be.
Though there are presents and a Christmas tree,
Gone is the early Christmas morning noise,
And the gleeful laughter of two young boys!

You know, it seems like only a day or two ago,
Since they were playing out in the snow!
Their boyish hands forming jolly snow men,
Was a sure sign Winter had come again!

Then, as we all knew when the ground became white,
It was time for them to have a "friendly" snowball fight!
Ah but, tonight as I look at our Christmas tree,
There's nobody here but my wife and me!

Yes, the house is very quiet tonight,
And soon I'll get up and turn out the light.
In another place our boys who are grown,
Celebrate Christmas with a family of their own!

But this is just Christmas Eve! Have no fear!
Tomorrow the whole clan will be here!
Our boys, their wives, and our grandkids will be comin',
And the "old home place" with activity will be hummin'!

My wife will have prepared a veritable feast!
"'Tis food fit for a king" to say the least!
We will open our presents around the Christmas tree,
And what a happy time 'twill be!

There will be gifts for the grandkids including toys,
And several gifts from us to our two boys!
There will be gifts for their wives and my wife and me,
And then it will be quite bare under the Christmas tree.

Later on, we all will "sit a spell,"
And listen to the stories our boys will tell!
They will talk about Christmas when they were kids,
And some of the funny things we did!

Ah, too soon it will be time for them to go,
And I'll long to tell them how we miss them so!
But, as I sadly bid them "adieu,"
I'll just embrace them and say, "I love you!"

Robert F. Dotson 2006

Music: "Little Drummer Boy"
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Used With Permission
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