~ An Hour With You~



I was just thinking what a wonderful life this is,
Though we suffer grief and pain,
But knowing when we suffer,
Weíre doing it in Godís name.

There is a reason for all that we endure,
We may not see it now.
But Godís word doesnít tells us,
Not when, or even how.

Sometimes I feel like giving up,
Do you ever feel that way?
But then I start to think about,
The blessings of yesterday.

I think how good God has been to me,
The blessings Heís poured out.
And then I start to feel so guilty,
For living in such doubt.

I wouldnít want to change my place,
Or live in any foreign land.
I believe Iím where God wants me,
Itís always been His plan.

I donít know why some suffer,
More than others do,
But thereís got to be a reason,
To know is not for you.

Someday weíll understand,
When He says itís time to know.
But that may not be,
Until He calls us home.

Faye Reyenga © 1 / 10 / 2007



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Music: "He"

Sequenced by: George Cadero
Used With Permission

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