~ An Hour With You~



When I am weary and troubled inside,
And I need a shelter in which I can hide,
I go to Jesus! My High Tower is He!
He let's me lean on Him,
And He treats me tenderly!

When it seems that my sorrow,
And crying is in vain,
And my view of tomorrow,
Is only more pain,
I go to Jesus the Healer of Hearts,
And peace and contentment,
To me He imparts!

I go to Jesus,
And kneel down at His precious feet!
He makes my life complete,
And trials grow dim!
And though the road,
Is rough and long,
I'll keep my happy song!

Tell me how can I go wrong,
Trusting in Him?
I go to Jesus,
With my heavy burdens!
Casting my care on Him,
I find rest for my soul!

Then, clouds which were dark and gray,
Suddenly all flee away,
And I find a brighter day,
When on Him my burdens roll!

Robert F. Dotson © 2006


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Music: "Cause Jesus Loves Me"

©Ralph G. Straight
Writer of Gospel Songs