~ An Hour With You~


I Am Abundantly Blessed

As I awake each morning and sit upright,
I know God has kept me safe through the night!
My eyes are still functioning so I can see,
The pleasant things that are surrounding me!

I have a loving wife who's "stuck by me" through the years!
We've shared great happiness, and of course, some tears.
As I got up with the dawn my ears once more heard,
The beautiful sound of the morning bird!

My hands still have the sense of touch.
I can still work and that means so much!
I can also lift up holy hands to pray,
Any time throughout the day!

I can hold my grandkids real close to my heart,
And feel my love go with them when we have to part!
I still have my speech so I can say,
Comforting words to others each day!

I have both feet on which to stand,
And my steps are ordered by the Master's hand!
I have a clear conscience since Jesus set me free,
And a score of friends that really love me!

I'm a part of a great Holiness church congregation!
It's one of the best in the whole nation!
Friend, I'm so thankful as I journey along the way,
That God "loads me with benefits every day!"
And all these things I enjoy are sent with love,
From our Heavenly Father up above!

Robert F. Dotson 2006


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Music: "Good Things"

Written By: Ralph G Straight
Produced And Arranged By: Scott Lasalle.
Used With Permission

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