~An Hour With You~

No Mommie pweaseeee,
Not the corner again,
I really do try hard,
A good day to attain.

The flower was so pretty,
I love to smell its scent,
I leaned over real close,
And down the vase went.

Puppy wanted to smell it too,
He wiggled too much to hold,
He jumped upon the table,
Why is it me you scold?

Puppy is really sorry,
He tries to say it too,
It is just that dogs can't talk,
The way we people do.

Oh Mommie can I get down,
Be free from the time out chair,
You really love me don't you,
Can you pweaseeee dry my tears?

Mommie, me and puppy have learned,
It is not nice to bother things,
That does not belong to us,
Swift punishment it always brings.

What did you say Mommie,
I sobbed over the words,
Puppy and me were crying,
I fear your words weren't heard.

You say you love me ever so much,
But I must learn to do as I'm told,
Not play around things that break,
And puppy I must learn to control.

I love you too my sweet Mommie,
Can your little girl give you a squeeze,
You're the bestest Mommie in the world,
Can I get up now pretty PWEASEEEEE...?

I love you Mommie!!!!

Gayle Davisİ
30 December 2006

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Music: "Mom"

Original MIDI Tunes Of
Copyright İMarc Krisnanto
Used With Permission

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