~ An Hour With You~


I've learned that I am only flesh and bone,
And that one day I will die.
I know there are many types of tears,
Throughout my lifetime that I will cry.

I've learned that I am not superior,
Over my fellow sister and brother.
And I know as people we are the same,
No matter what race nor color.

I've learned in order to know true courage,
I must first experience fear.
And there are two different kinds of trust,
Deceitful and sincere.

I've learned I can listen with my heart,
And that I can also feel with my soul.
And I know if I never give up,
I can always achieve my goal.

I've learned to understand the word victory,
The first thing I must do is lose.
And I know to every problem,
There are always two different views.

I've learned that anything worthwhile,
Doesn't always easily come.
And not giving in to my weakness',
The stronger I will become.

I've learned that all of my wrongs,
I can now make them right.
And I must accept the good and bad,
Just as I have accepted day and night.

I've learned there are two kinds of love,
There is true and untrue.
And just how good are my dreams,
If I don't care enough to even pursue.

I've learned that time won't stand still,
And in a picture I can stay forever young.
I know the difference between hot and cold,
And that there are heroes still left unsung.

I've learned that I can be a winner,
Even in defeat.
And a tiny seed can blossom,
With a fragrance so sweet.

I've learned to appreciate what I have,
And that I can't live alone on love.
And I know what a beautiful sound,
Is the soft comforting cooing from a dove.

I've learned if I seek knowledge,
Clever I will become.
And that I can't rely on tomorrow,

For it may never come.

I've learned that five plus five equals ten,
And two plus two equals four.
And if opportunity comes knocking,
I must always open up the door.

I've learned to believe that God exists,
And angels on earth have no wings.
I know the thrill and excitement,
That a tiny new life brings.

I've learned that my spirit can soar,
Like the breathtaking butterfly.
And that real true happiness,
You can never buy.

All of these things I have learned,
And yet the older that I grow.
There's still so much more,
I Need To Know.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Creative Corners
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