~ An Hour With You~

Where once there was life,
And little children use to play,
The house is empty,
Just an echo of yesterday.

Mother and Daddy are gone now,
Brothers and sister sit with the Lord,
Yet in my mind I see them all,
Standing about the overgrown yard.

Smoke from the chimneys,
Gone long, long ago,
Window panes all broken,
No laughter to flow.

Kids have grown up and moved away,
The house is starting to fall down,
It use to be a place of pride,
With loving family all around.

Memories I still hold,
Of the ol' homestead and grounds,
Where once there was life,
Not deafening silence, void of sounds.

Respected our parents and heeded their words,
A switch was not just a growth on a tree,
We knew the consequences of misbehaving,
I have met that growth, oh believe you, me.

We picked cotton in the daytime,
Shelled peas and beans into the night,
We reverenced God and daily prayed,
Reared to know what was wrong from right.

The old house stands in a state of deterioration,
It breaks my heart to see it so far-gone,
But I have a new place to look forward to,
In heaven, Jesus prepares my new home.

Gayle Davisİ
19 October 2006



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Music: "The Way"

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Copyright İMarc Krisnanto
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