~An Hour With You~




A motherís love flows like the ocean
It swells as the waves come crashing on the sand
The joy, the excitement, the building of anticipation
The wave comes up and it is a motherís hand

Her hand lifts up her children as they crouch in fear
As the wave reaches its peak, a mother reassures her child
Gently pushing them above their strife
The wave ends up smoothly lapping the shore, so mild

God is the tide, showing mothers the way
He lifts them up and helps them down
Mothers learn quickly from the Father
Keeping their children afloat, refusing to let them drown

A motherís love is so large, as is the ocean
When standing on the shore, it seems never ending
As children we stand ashore praying for a message in a bottle
Always an answer washes ashore, our questions forever mending

Lisa C. Welter



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Music: "Amazing Grace"
Free Midis
Words and music by: John Newton
Musician: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission