~ An Hour With You~

A hug, a kiss and a wave goodbye
And loved ones drive away.
With a last wave of the hand you turn and enter the door.
A mist comes to your eye.
The house is empty and you are alone as before.

But no, you are not alone because there lingers
The fragrance of the feast you shared.
Memory arrives to keep you company now
As you recall the joy of the family gathered around the table
Speaking of special blessings not deserved but granted some how.

The delicious food was prepared perfectly to everyone's taste
And enjoyed as each ate their fill.
Plenty was left over to enjoy many times more
Taken home to enjoy later leaving none to waste.

Entering each room memory of the one who slept there
Brings a smile of love given and of love shared.
A hug, a kiss or special thoughts expressed
Bring thoughts of how they cared.

No, I am not alone again. I never was you see.
I had God and memories of loved ones to comfort me.

©Jane Ward Smith
December 3, 2003


Music: "Remember"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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