~ An Hour With You~

What is that book that I do see?
As on the shelf it lay,
How long is it since you picked it up?
And how long since you did pray?

That book written years ago,
To help and guide you through,
All the trials and tribulations,
That on life's journey befall you.

For I've chosen many people,
To tell all of mankind,
Just how much I love you,
So keep that book in mind.

They've written My words for Me,
And there's no need for you to wait,
For if you read just what is written,
You'll see what I did create.

But alas in sadness,
One of My own did turn on Me,
And tried to lead My own creation,
Away from what they should be.

So I cast the devil out of Heaven,
And banished him to hell,
Where all those that choose to forget me,
Would with him forever dwell.

Then I sent My Son down to you,
And with His blood on the cross,
He showed you could be forgiven,
And your own souls never lost.

The story of this journey,
And all of My Son's deeds,
Are written on the pages,
Of that book that you don't read.

Once He'd conquered death and proven,
That man could rise again,
He came back to Me always,
As He waits in Our Heaven.

Those that He had chosen,
To help those who had found,
A path unto eternal life,
Are all now Heaven bound.

And their journeys are recorded,
As they wrote what they did do,
So it would forever be recorded,
And one day help to see you through.

So to all those that have written,
The pages of that book
They did so at My direction,
So please just have a look.

Sometimes pick it up and read it,
Don't let it just gather dust,
Be guided by the words within,
And in Me you'll trust.

Your trust will be rewarded,
In so many different ways,
But the greatest of rewards you'll get,
Is you're Heaven bound some day.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
2005 ~ 2006
All Rights Reserved
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Photo for set came from Image Cafe

Music: "In The Pages of the Bible"

Lyrics By: Joy Chastagner
Choral Music Score By: Larry Holder
Copyright 1999 Joy Chastagner and Elton Smith
Used With Permission

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