~ An Hour With You~

A Thanksgiving Day brings so much joy,
All hearts are carefree and happy,
To share blessings in America,
And other Countries of the free.

We thank You Lord for the privilege,
The freedom living off these lands,
The bounteous goodness of You God,
America’s love for You stands.

Thanksgiving Day is for gatherings,
Families and friends sharing turkeys,
Cranberries, vegetables, pumpkin pies,
To give thanks for necessities.

Just being together celebrates,
A feast of plenty shared by all,
With great thankfulness for health and love,
Families and friends can come to call.

Too we remember when the Pilgrims,
Gave thanks for the first Thanksgiving,
The five kernels of corn placed on plates,
To recall a hard year’s living.

Thanksgiving Day came that special day,
Just giving God great thanks and praise,
For blessings received during that year,
And prayers continued for days.

With a grateful pride thanks were expressed,
For three days the feast was then served,
Pilgrims and Indians shared their best,
For their first Thanksgiving observed.

The women cooked over outdoor fires,
Indians brought deer for the feast,
Lots of wild duck, geese and turkeys too,
Fish, cornbread, pies were last, not least.

Two cultures had friendly relations,
They joined in a thanksgiving time,
Giving thanks for the harvest and peace,
They were light hearted and sublime.

Yes Thanksgiving Day brought all much joy,
All hearts were carefree and happy,
Sharing blessings in America,
With others, the land of the free.

©Sondra McPherson
22 October 2006

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