~ An Hour With You~

Last night an old acquaintance,
Knocked upon my door.
It was my dear friend Memory,
Who came to visit me once more!
He said, "Old Pal my shiny train,
Is waiting on the track!"

So, I grabbed my hat, my coat, and my cane,
And we went flying back!
Back across the years we went,
To an old familiar place,
And there patiently waiting for me,
Was a most welcome face!

It was the lad that once was me,
Who met us with a grin! "I knew you'd come again!"
We took a stroll down a country road,
Just Memory, the lad, and I,
And when we reached the little family abode,
I suppressed the urge to cry.

Next we went to the schoolhouse,
Where I learned to read and write
I saw my little childhood friends,
Who were a pleasant sight!
Each person that 1 met there,
Looked like they did before.
They sure were glad to see me!
They said so o'er and o'er!

We ran barefoot through a meadow,
And swung on the old grapevine,
Which caused the joy to overflow,
Within this heart of mine!
We visited the little church,
Where I attended as a lad!
We worshiped there as a family.
Of this I sure am glad!

Then, I found myself wishing,
I wouldn't have to leave the past.
But, I knew deep inside of me,
This visit wasn't meant to last.
So, with an aching heart I embraced the lad,
As Memory called "All Aboard!"
Then, the speeding train whisked me away,
From the place I once adored!

Back in time we went quickly
Over many, many years ,
And I found myself in my easy chair.
My eyes were filled with tears.
But, it seemed I heard the lad say,
From somewhere in my heart,
"Be patient, for there will come a day,”
“When we'll never have to part!"

Robert F. Dotson © 2007



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Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Music: "Memory"
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