~ An Hour With You~

We hold onto hopes and dreams,
As well as bits and pieces of the past.
The memories we truly cherish,
Making sure they will forever last.

An embroidered monogrammed handkerchief,
That Grandmother carried on the day she wed.
So befitting for a special occasion,
The initials embroidered with golden thread.

That one same tiny handkerchief,
Has softly dried countless tears,
From moments joyous as well as heartbreaking,
That has happened throughout the years.

With faded features and a faded smile,
There sits a brown haired doll.
The whispered secrets that lie within her,
Are both happy and pleasant to recall.

There is Mother's crocheted doilies,
Which she handmade with loving care.
The finest quality and workmanship,
Of which any other could not compare.

There are framed old photographs,
Some hanging, others lean against a chair.
I try to imagine what kind of life they lived,
As they look back at me and stare.

Within a vase are flowers from a loved one,
Which over the years they have now dried.
As I think back to that special moment,
Overwhelming warmth I feel inside.

There are china cups and saucers,
So elegant and fine.
Each beautifully adorning,
A pretty dainty blue violet design.

There are many cherished treasures,
All lovingly stored away.
Each one as special as the last,
In its own distinctive way.

All these precious treasures,
That I look upon of mine.
Help me to,
Another Place, Another Time

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Music: "Say You, Say Me "

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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