~ An Hour With You~


Well good day there little butterfly,
It must be so nice to be you.
Leisurely flying around up there,
Looking down at the astonishing view.

Just fluttering in the breeze,
So carefree to and fro.
Without a care in the world,
And no special place for you to be or go.

You are never in a hurry,
Taking life lightly in stride.
Seeing the whole world,
Upon the wind as you ride.

You are so breathtaking,
And your soul alive and free.
I would give anything,
If you could trade places here with me.

But Mister Lion you've got that wrong,
If the truth you only knew.
You're the king of the pride,
Everyone respects and looks up to you.

When you speak they listen,
You are so powerful and strong.
And freely against the wind,
I watch you as you merrily run along.

You're a born leader,
And that is your destiny.
Don't drown yourself in self-pity,
Wishing someone else you'd rather be.

You have a place to call your own,
And you have great beauty for all to see.
So why in the world,
Would you want to trade places here with me.

You have responsibilities,
That only you were made to fill.
With dignity and honour,
Your role in life you must fulfill.

Why spend your precious time worrying,
Of what you have or what you don't.
If you think being me would make you happier,
You're sadly mistaken because it won't.

Could you really be satisfied,
Only doing and liking everything that I do.
Like having to love the color red,
When you really love the color blue.

Could you really settle,
For a boring life just fluttering around.
Looking pretty with no real destiny,
And your feet never more to feel the ground.

For through our own eyes and another's,
How very different is the view.
Look at what is all around you,
You have so much to look forward to.

If only you could see and realize,
Just how important you truly are.
A great king wanting to be a butterfly,
Now doesn't that seem a bit bizarre.

We are all different than any other,
Deep inside as well as out.
No two are exactly alike,
And your intuitions never must you doubt.

We were born the way we are,
And that's the way it is meant to be.
So let's just be thankful,
That you're you and I'm me.

This is your life so live it,
Your own dreams you must pursue
Don't waste time on foolish petty thoughts,
Reach out and grasp which has been given to you.

You must be able to love yourself,
This is the first lesson that you must learn.
Second don't try to be who you're not,
And your own acceptance you will earn.

So smile and face the world,
You will be loved and accepted for who you are.
For in this whole world there is no one else,
Quite like you..
By Far.

İElizabeth Ann Bushey
September ~ 28 ~ 2006İ


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All Images İDenton Lund

Music: "Mandy"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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