~ An Hour With You~

 As I look back on all the years,
And every thing we have been through.
Many mountains we have climbed,
Me and you.

You saw past all of my imperfections,
And all of my many flaws.
You never once asked me to change,
And you said you loved me for who I was.

Just sitting here thinking of you and me,
I simply can't help but smile.
I know the going wasn't always easy,
But that made getting there even more worthwhile.

Together we will face the world,
Hand in hand and side by side.
You have been there through the sad times,
Drying the many tears that I have cried.

And all through the happy times,
They were the best I know and think.
Especially when you'd tenderly squeeze my hand,
And give me that,
Secret little wink.

You sure do have a way,
Of being able to make me laugh.
And it's true whenever I say,
You're my better half.

Without you by my side,
What would I ever do?
I know that I would be lost,
I didn't have you.

We sure have come a long way,
And we still have a way to go.
There are many more happy times yet to come,
This much I do know.

So we will continue on dreaming,
And we'll try to make those dreams come true.
Everyday I thank God for our love,
The Wonder Of .....You

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
November ~ 5 ~ 2006©


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Music: "I Am...I Said"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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