~ An Hour With You~

All I Have Is Today

Dear Lord, help me to realize,
That all I have is today!
I can't even "view" tomorrow!
I know it's best that way!

My past is now only history.
It's a tale that has been told!
Now only some memories remain.
The pleasant ones I hold!

My sins are all forgiven!
I'm now a "brand new" man!
My debt was paid at Calvary,
Through God's redemption plan!

Today is yet another day,
That I can serve the Lord,
As I walk the "straight and narrow way,"
In quest of my reward!

Today I must witness for Jesus,
To a "lost and dying" world,
Lift up the "blood stained" banner,
And keep it high and unfurled!

I need not worry or fret o'er tomorrow!
I'll just trust in the Lord up above!
Who so wisely said,
"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof!"

God who provides for the sparrow,
And clothes the grass of the field,
Will take care of each tomorrow,
If I'll just to Him yield!

I must put my faith and trust in God,
For He is leading the way!
He sees the end from the beginning!
I can "barely" see today!

I am the clay! He's the potter!
So, I must lie yielded and still!
If I have a flaw in my vessel,
He'll put me back on the wheel!

Darkness is falling around me,
As skies turn a deep shade of gray!
I hear the Lord of the Harvest say,
"Work while it is yet day!"

Today is the "Day of Salvation!"
If people will hear God's voice,
He'll cleanse sinner's blackened hearts,
And give them cause to rejoice!

Hark! Now the moments are fleeting,
And soon today will be past!
Things of the world are just temporal!
Only the spiritual will last!

Friend, can you not see,
The "curtain of time" drawing to a close?
Will today be our last day on Earth?
Only our God knows!

We must be watching and ready,
While holding "our hand to the plow!"
If we'll put our trust in Jesus today,
He'll help us make it somehow!

Robert F. Dotson 2006

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Music: "It's Your Time"

Earnest And Roline Ministeries
Performed By: Jman.
Used With Permission