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Thanksgiving, Yes!

Down in the dumps are you, little sis?
Think it can't get any worse than this?
I know you're hurting, lonely and blue--
What’s more-Jesus knows it too.

Thanksgiving is on us and you feel alone--
Just think of the many that don't have a home.
How about the long lines waiting for soup--
Or the poor soul huddled on some cold stoop?
The families with children looking for a bed
To rest their weary, worry worn head.

* Now that's cold and lonely-why are you shaking your head?

Do you remember Thanksgiving in the thirties?
We molded potted meat to look like the birdies.
Pumpkin was sweet potatoes, still tasted good,
A family did what a family could.
Aunts and Uncles and all of their brood
Shared in providing their stash of food.

* And it was good, wasn’t it?

Come out of the doldrums-start looking around,
You’ll find that you--with blessings abound.
When they start gathering you'll begin to wonder-
Do we have enough food to make them founder?
And you always do my twice blest daughter--
Stop feeling you're leading a lamb to slaughter.

* Remember the child who demanded new shoes?-
'Til she met a man who had no feet?

As I've said-many times-"It's in God's hands-YES, IT IS.
Thank Him for what He's done for you and yours
Thank Him for bringing both sons home from foreign shores.
Thank Him for keeping the ol' man alive and well--
Delivering him from the Omaha Beach of Hell.
Thank Him for giving you Grand children who care
Thank Him for allowing us to share--AMEN

*There you go----Happy Thanksgiving All

Betty C. Daniels©
Nov. 16/06


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