~ An Hour With You~

You are only a vague recollection,
As I think back to another time.
All those years so long ago,
To a time when you were mine.

A time when you once loved me,
And said without me you couldn't live.
I gave you my heart and soul,
And all the love that I had to give.

I believed in all of our dreams,
And your love for me I did not doubt.
I thought I had found that one true love,
That I have heard others speak about.

Your tender words that you wanted me,
Still lingers in my mind.
I just can't imagine,
How could I have been so blind?

There was a time when you were there for me,
All I had to do was reach out for you.
There was such passion within your arms,
And I know you felt it too.

Our hearts beating together in unison,
Blood rushing through our veins.
Losing that special kind of love,
Memories of heartache still remain.

So now my dreams are my own,
And a new life I did pursue.
I still wonder if you ever think of me,
And, do I ever think of you?
I Still Do

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


Music: "Without You "

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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