~ An Hour With You~


In meaning, I am "All things"
"I Am" He said, "I Am"
"I Am The Good Shepherd
You, You are My Lamb"

"I Am, The Light Of The World
I bring hope, and help you see
Knock, the door shall be open
Receive Salvation, I give to thee"

"I Am, The way, Truth and the Life
Unto my Father, I am the way. . .
Be you son, daughter, husband or wife
Harken to these words, that I say"

"I Am, The Bread Of Life . . .
You’ll not hunger, but be fed
On words, that come from God"
That is what "I Am" said

"I Am, The Good
Watching my fields, and sheep
I listen for their every word
I Carry, when they hurt or weep"

"I Am, The True Vine . . . .
My Father is the "Husbandry"
You, The branches, you are Mine
Heaven, your home . . . Eternally"

"I Am, The Resurrection and the Life
Even though, you were lost, or dead
I will deliver you from all life’s, strife
Yes, "I Am" . . . Is what He said

"I Am, The Door" . . . He said
"Knock, you shall enter in
You shall live and share in My pasture
You shall be . . . Born Again!"

© Judith Johnson Kypta



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Music: "I Am, I Said"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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