~ An Hour With You~

Good Morning, Father

In the wee small hours of early morn,
The enchanted hours just before dawn-
I rise to enjoy a quiet time--
Just my Lord and me, in peace sublime.

We sit lost in pensive thought,
And review what time and tides have wrought,
I turn to Him in total submission,
He gazes at me and hears my admission.

My Lord, forgive me if I have caused pain,
From thoughts of resentment and financial gain,
I want no more than you allow, I am content-
To this, I vow.

And He replies-----------
"You are forgiven-I loved you then, I love you now."
Peace returns--my soul is at ease--
I turn to the window and gaze at the trees.

Where still in darkness are fully clothed,
And the curtain of night is still in repose.
Now the veils of night are slipping away,
First purple, then royal blue, then lovely pearl grey.

Each filmy curtain slips softly to rest,
As if with the dawn they've completed their quest.
And gazing, I think--such absolute perfection!
Who but God could give such direction.

Dawn comes gently for its day to meet,
And reminds us--as humans-we're so incomplete,
The veils of darkness have slipped away,
Thank you, Lord for another new day.

Betty C. Daniels
November 10/06


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Snow script courtesy of Altan
It can also be found at Dynamic Drive



Music: "Just As I Am"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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