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~ An Hour With You~
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When I was so all alone,
Into my life you came.
Since that wondrous day,
My life has never been the same.

It's only your sweet love that I crave for,
And I do love you so very much.
Whenever we're apart I miss you,
When you're near I long for your gentle touch.

As I gaze into your eyes,
No words could ever explain.
How captivating you are to me,
And I fall for you all over again.

There is no one else,
Who could make me feel the way you do.
Everyday is a new adventure,
A true love story,
Me and you.

You do bring such joy to me,
And now sunny are all my days.
And to be wrapped within your arms,
It does set my heart ablaze.

My breath you take away,
And my knees tremble and grow weak.
Excitedly my heart races,
As my love for you reaches to its peak.

I know to love and to be loved in return,
Doesn't come with a guarantee.
That's why after all these years,
Our love still,
Amazes me.

Just how much you mean to me,
If you only really knew.
Hold me closer my love,
Let Me Love You

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
November ~ 20 ~ 2006©

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The couple tube is courtesy of Herkeys Corner that also
is an Alan Ayers art©. The roses tube is courtesy of
Sharrys Place

 Floaters effect code from Dynamic Drive.


Music: "Always On My Mind"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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