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~ An Hour With You~
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A young girl of nearly sixteen or more,
Met a young man of thirty-four,
Hair jet black and mysterious too.
My heart feels so excited, that's true.
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This emotion that I felt could become serious,
Our age difference made dating precarious.
Our eyes darting, searching for each other,
We could not seem to stay away from one another.
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Would I ever be held in sweet embrace?
Oh Please, Please...let this be the case.
Weeks seemed to speed by...Oh how happy was I?
I had tasted of his lips, hmmm, what a breathless kiss.
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I could not let anyone know I had found a beau,
Society frowned on this young man and teen girl.
Our romance kept me in such a whirl,
Yet, we knew it couldn't last.
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The slender young woman-child,
Stood with tears streaming down her face.
One last, long loving embrace, then good-by.
Now he is only a memory, a dream and a sigh.
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©Ann Marie Fisher
January 12, 2007


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June, 2001 copyrighted ©

Tubes courtesy of Kandyz.

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Music: "Summer Place" Theme

Courtesy Of Midi Studio
Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission

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