~ An Hour With You~

The days of your childhood,
Have now all long gone
Your kids are now adults
With kids of their own
And these kids, when they visit
Light up your day
Old age is a blessing,
Thatís all I can say.

You remember your sweetheart
Becoming your wife
She did share your worries
And the good days in life.
Itís now more than half century,
When you did say "I do",
Old age is a blessing
When your love is still true.

Your home is your castle
You feel there at ease
So donít let them take you
Away from your peace.
Together you share it
With a dog or a cat
Old age is a blessing,
You canít replace that.

Your friends in the garden
Are the birds and the plants
You water and feed them
You attend to their wants
You enjoy being out there
At the start of each day
Old age is a blessing
Donít throw that away

When the day of your parting
Has finally come
Goodbye to your loved ones
You are going ďhomeĒ
No time now for crying
It was all so worthwhile
Your life was a blessing
You can go with a smile

© Ton Antheunisse - 2004

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Music: "Old Age"

Words And Music© (Ton) Antheunisse
Original composition and performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission

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