~ An Hour With You~

The day was the same as ever before,
There were no signs around,
As people did their daily chores,
The rain came tumbling down.

But something was so very strange,
The sky became so grey,
The sun had no light to it,
As if there was no day.

No one seemed to notice the change,
Until the thunder started to roar,
The earth shook so violently,
Such as never before.

And when I looked up in the sky,
I saw millions of angels around,
My heart stood still, as I gasp,
Then I fell to the ground.

Ahead of the angels was Jesus,
He came bursting through the clouds,
By then all eyes were on Him,
And the sound of the trumpet was loud.

Finally our King is coming back,
To bring us home with Him,
Never any more to suffer pain,
The time on earth will now end.

All glory and praise to our Master,
We will sing on that beautiful shore,
All new songs up in heaven,
We’ve never sang before.

I pray you are ready to meet Him,
And have your sins washed away,
Now is the time for salvation,
For Jesus might come back today.

Ann Hart©
June 30, 2003

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Music: "He's Coming Back For Me"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission