Even after two thousand years,
Jesus still makes "house calls!"
His office is not confined to only four walls.
It's as vast and wide as the universe!

But, He doesn't ever need the service of a nurse!
Of His healing power there is no lack!
You see, our healing is guaranteed
By the stripes on His back!

Jesus never writes a prescription for pills,
And you don't have to worry,
About monthly doctor bills!
His technique never changes,
Yet it never grows old!

He can heal everything,
From cancer to a cold!
The only requirement for us to receive,
Is to come to Jesus and with faith believe!

No appointment is needed on a certain day!
Friend, you don't have to worry,
If the insurance will pay!

Your whole family is covered,
And no matter what the disease,
The Great Physician can cure it with ease!

To call Doctor Jesus,
You don't need a phone!
He doesn't ever forget a patient!
Your case is well known!

Jesus has no associates!
He's the only doctor you will see!
When you call out His name,
He'll hear your earnest plea!

No "second opinion" is needed!
He's the doctor you're looking for!
But, His instructions must be heeded,
"Go thy way and sin no more."

Robert F. Dotson © 2007

















Animated star and background is from Star Space Galaxy backgrounds

Top image is the art work of Cebarre©

Music: "Great Is The Lord, Almighty"
Quality Christian Midis
Used With Permission


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