~ An Hour With You~


about racism and discrimination,
is what I learned at school today.
And now I understand why,
some people say the things they say.

Those two words are so hurtful,
and they make me feel so sad.
Why can't people realize,
that those two words are bad.

Now I know the reason why,
people call me "black" and stare
They know how it hurts me so,
but they don't seem to even care.

I know that my skin is dark,
Brown it is not black.
It hurts me and I want to cry,
but I always hold my tears back.

Their children are not allowed,
to play with me at school.
I can't understand,
how people could be so cruel.

I'm not worth one single penny,
I'm worthless is what they say.
Tonight I'll ask God for their forgiveness,
when I kneel beside my bed to pray.

They can't seem to understand,
to them I've done no wrong.
In Gods eyes we're all the same,
and to Him we all belong.

Mama I sure wish,
That they were taught like you taught me.
I see them for who they are inside,
and its not their color that I see.

Why are they so afraid of me,
and why is it so hard for them to see.
That they have a heart, eyes, arms and legs,
just like you and me.

It's what's inside the heart that counts,
and that is where God can see.
Color shouldn't matter,
that's the way it was meant to be.

Maybe one day they will see,
just a little girl who needs a friend.
And allow their children,
time with me to spend.

If that could ever happen,
really I don't know.
One thing I know for certain,
both You And God Love Me so.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey




Music: "Jesus Loves Me"
Magical Musical Place For Children
Sequenced By Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission


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