~ An Hour With You~

We donít talk anymore,
No longer do you reach for me.
Are you hoping and waiting,
For me to set you free.

Together we could make it,
If only you would try.
The only thing left to say,
Is just one word goodbye.

The sparkle within your eyes,
No longer do I see.
Yet you keep on pretending,
That youíre still in love with me.

Is there anything left to save,
Was our love a mistake.
Should I stay or go,
That decision I had to make.

I packed my bags in silence,
With no response from you.
You stare at the floor as I think,
Iíd stay if you asked me to.

Once again in us,
If only you could believe,
Deep within I beg,
Please donít let me leave.

I head towards the door,
Waiting for a word from you.
Silence is all I hear,
And the doorway I walk through.

With one word from you,
Iíd turn around right now.
In my heart I know,
We could work it out somehow.

I just kept on walking,
All my courage it took.
With the urge to turn around,
But straight ahead I look.

I hear the door close,
Wondering what will you do.
I listen for your footsteps,
But I hear no sound from you.

With no tears left to cry,
I am swallowed by the night.
To make you want me again,
Is a battle I can not fight.

As for my return,
Forever you will wait.
I will find a new love,
And for you itíll be too late.

As for my heart,
You no longer hold the key.
Sooner or later I know,
Youíll Be Missing Me.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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