~ An Hour With You~


Yesterday was such a great day,
Today will be the same,
For Iíll try hard whatever I do,
To do in Jesusí name.

Yes life can be a little hectic,
If our attitude is wrong.
But wake up with a prayer on your heart,
And start the day with a song.

A smile and loving heart,
Is all we need to do.
To make it a perfect day,
For all the world to see.

A prayer of thanksgiving,
And a song within our heart,
Is like strolling through a garden,
Listening to the Meadow Lark.

The way we look at life,
Is how our life will be.
Through dark glasses dull and dim,
Or with sunshine and butterflies,
And trees all bright and green.

Remember the good things,
And wear a cheerful smile,
Help others when you can,
Go that second mile.

Faye Reyenga ©
5 / 26 / 2007


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Dynamic Drive

Music: "My Happiness [Connie Francis (1959)]"

Sequenced by: George Cadero
Used With Permission

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