~ An Hour With You~

Willie was a young lad
Who seemed to make everybody mad
He certainly was misunderstood
Nobody liked him in his neighborhood

He was a very quiet lad
Who took pleasure in being bad
He always looked so sullen
Friends! No, he had none

He was mean to the animals
He shot them with his bb-gun
Shoved the younger children around
Pushed their face down on the ground

As the days went on, the worse he got
At the age of sixteen he got a gun
The next day, he shot someone
Dear God, where are his parents

Well, Willie was sent to jail
No, this isn't the end of the tale
A missionary came to visit him
Even though his getting out was slim

Willie was openly defiant and stubborn
His eyes were sad, he was forlorn
But the missionary didn't give up
He offered him a drink from his cup

This was Willie's first Communion
Even though he didn't understand
The missionary talked for hours
And Willie's heart began to soften

Tears rolled down his cheeks
And Willie began to speak
"My parents died when I was three
None of my family wanted me

I was angry inside, so hurt
I wanted to make others hurt
A couple adopted me, too late
Most of my life I had to wait

No one cared to listen to me
The anger welled up inside
I had no where to go with it
All I knew was having a fit"

This was the day Willie changed
The missionary visited day after day
Many years past, Willie was released
Now his life is full of peace

Willie went back to school
And he now has a college degree
He's made peace with the Lord
This has set his soul free

He's married now, with a son
He's determined to have more than one
His goal is to be a good father
And to never neglect his family

He has God as his life's axis
He's a changed man, one full of bliss
It's like he has a new soul
His whole life has a new role

God has done wonders in his life
To believe it, just ask his wife
She brags about him all day long
According to her, he can do no wrong

Willie was asked a big question
What was the turning point for you?
He smiled and quietly replied
*Jesus Christ was my very first clue*

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ
5-15 07




Music: "Hope"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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