~ An Hour With You~


We live in a one room shack
On the wrong side of town
Mommy answers the door
Wearing only her nightgown

Mommy & I were alone
Before daddy came along
He seemed happy at first
Now everything seems so wrong

Mommy saw the doctor one day
And now she is in bed all the time
I miss school a lot to care for her
And with me, this is just fine

The people from school came looking for me
They say I need to be in school
I'm really concerned with my mommy
But they want me to learn *The Golden Rule*

Daddy has taken to drinking and he hits me
He shoves me around and he calls me names
I have bruises all the time now
He says, for all that is wrong, I am to blame

I have a hard time sleeping now
I cry all night from dusk to dawn
My eyes won't close, I'm so afraid
And then all day, all I do is yawn

I'm so tired of anger and abuse
And the way we've had to live
All I want is a home that is peaceful and loving
For this one wish, anything, I'd give

When daddy came home today, he yelled
"Get out of my way"
I knew right then , it was gonna be
Another horrible day

Daddy kicked and punched us
We cried and pleaded, "Please, no more"
Then a gun went off
And he fled through the door

I prayed to Jesus and I know He heard me
Now I am in Heaven and finally happy
Mommy is here too, singing to me
Finally at last, we've been set free

Jesus knew we deserved better
So He took us home with Him
Now our life is happy
Filled with love to the brim

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ

Note: After 27 years of foster parenting, there
isn't much in the way of abuse that we haven't seen.
I can say that each time we hear about or see the
ramifications of it, we are really saddened and our
heart just aches for the victims.
There is NO excuse or justification for abuse of any
kind, ever.
If you are having family problems, go ask for help,
don't take it out on the ones you love.
Your family is God given, please remember that!
You choose your spouse and children are a gift from God,
Treat them like a gift...
Teach and guide them, love and nurture them,
Just like God does with us!
May God Bless & Guide You Always!


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Music: "He Will Never Forsake You"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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