~ An Hour With You~

"A certain man going from Jerusalem,"
"To Jericho," Jesus said,
"Was beaten and robbed by thieves,
"And left for dead!."

Meanwhile, a certain priest,
Happened to pass by there,
Saw him and continued on,
With his nose in the air!

This "whited sepulcher" so filled with pride,
Haughtily passed by on the other side!
Likewise, a Levite passed by that way,
Sometime during that very same day.

The badly beaten man he also espied,
But he hastily walked by on the other side!
The next person who came past,
Was a Samaritan, a so called "outcast."

Assuming the wounded man was a Jew,
The Samaritan would have been expected,
To pass by too.

But, putting all prejudice aside,
And suppressing any foolish pride,
He "showed what he was made of,"
As he went to the man compelled by love!

He bound up his wounds,
Pouring in oil and wine,
And being satisfied the man,
Would be just fine,
He took him to an inn and left him there,
Making further provision for his care!

He said to the innkeeper,
"I must needs travel hence,"
But, for this man's care I'll give you two pence!"

"If the cost is more I'll gladly pay,"
"In a few days when I pass by this way!"
Folks, please tell me if you can,
Who was neighbor to the wounded man?

Was it the self righteous priest,
Or the Levite who walked past?
Nay, I tell you,
It was the lowly Samaritan outcast!

Robert F. Dotson 2007

Music: "Proclaim The Power Of Our God"

Composed And Performed By
Hamblen & Hamblen
Used With Permission

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