~ An Hour With You~

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 I am who I am,
And it's all because of you.
You make the best within me,
Always shine through.

You have touched my life,
In so many different ways.
You are the air that I breathe,
And my sunshine on cloudy days.

You are my inner strength,
When I'm tired and weak.
You're the gentleness of the wind,
That brushes lightly against my cheek.

You are my destiny,
And within the dark my light
You're a beacon that safely guides me,
Like a lighthouse in the night.

You're my guardian angel,
Protecting me from harm.
You're the answer to my prayers,
And my good luck charm.

You are the freshness of the rain,
And within my heart the beat.
You're the contentment within my soul,
Making my life whole and complete.

You're the sparkle within my eyes,
And everything that I love.
You're my ray of hope,
And the twinkle within the stars above.

You gave my spirit wings to fly,
You're my happiness when I'm blue.
You've turned me into a believer,
By making my dreams come true.

You are my very best friend,
And my calm within a storm.
On cold and chilly nights,
It's your love that keeps me warm.

You are my passion and desire,
When you hold me close and near.
You're the courage that I need,
So I can face my fear.

You're all of my wishes,
Making me look forward to tomorrow.
You are the arms of compassion,
During my times of sorrow.

You are my trusting confidant,
And my life you made anew.
You are my loyal supporter,
In all that I may do.

You're the excitement deep within,
And the tenderness of love's embrace.
You're my reason for living,
And for the smile upon my face.

You are my inspiration,
With you I'm all that I can be.
All of these things and more,
What You Are To Me

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
May -1- 2007©


The main image is a courtesy of stock.xchng

Music: "Valentine"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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