~ An Hour With You~

ďWhat would Jesus do?Ē
Iíve often heard folks say.
Well, I believe that question,
Is relative to today.

While attending a ball game,
Would Jesus have a beer?
When His favorite team scored,
Would Jesus stand and cheer?

Would Jesus enjoy a good cigar?
Would He blow tiny ringlets of smoke?
Would Jesus laugh with glee,
When somebody told a dirty joke?

Would Jesus just walk on by,
The homeless on the street?
Would He look the other way,
If a beggar He chanced to meet?

Would Jesus watch a video?
Would He have a favorite T.V. show?
Would He absent Himself from Godís house,
Saying He had some place else to go?

Friend, Iím quick to answer,
With a heart full of love,
I believe my Lord and Saviour,
Would do none of the above.

Robert F. Dotson © 2007


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Music: "Let Your Glory Shine"

Composed And Performed By
Hamblen & Hamblen
Used With Permission

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