~ An Hour With You~

What Is Happening To Our World?

This world is becoming so hard and cold,
It seems the love has disappeared,
You seldom see a smile anymore from anyone,
Everyone is hung up and so despaired.

No one seems to take anytime for others now,
Too many problems existing of their own,
You can pass a person next door to you,
And a smile is something unknown.

What has happened to the love God gave us?
That supposes to live in our hearts,
What has happened to the joy inside us?
That we thought would never depart.

And what about the concern for others,
That has no one at all to love,
Do they see the compassion of Christ?
Living in us from above.

Somewhere along this walk of life,
We are starting to miss the way,
And the reason God gave up His only Son,
So we might win others today.

God please have mercy upon us all here,
If we forget and tumble astray,
Please Lord set us back on track again,
And teach us to love each other and pray.

Please help us to have compassion Lord,
To keep this world warm from the cold,
Please help us to love one another Lord
As was in the days of old.

If I took the time to smile at You today,
Could you please pass that smile around?
To show the world that there still is love,
It can bring mountains of blessings down.

Let's Claim This World With Love For Jesus

Ann Hart ©
19 December 2004

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Music: " He's Calling You Home"

Words By Larry A. Hamblen
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen
Hamblen & Hamblen Music©
Copyright © 2004
Used With Permission

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