~An Hour With You~


How patiently do you wait on Jesus?
Do you wait until the time is right?
Or make your own decisions alone,
The biggest mistake we make in life.

Never trust in your own understanding,
For many times we're wrong,
Leaving God out of our daily lives,
And going it alone.

I'm not strong enough in facing life,
I need God every day.
I'm much too weak to trust myself,
He leads me all the way.

I'd rather face the future
In poverty and pain,
Than to live my life without Him,
And lose my heavenly gain.

Some where there is a mansion ,
Just built for only me.
I'll stroll that heavenly city,
He'll stroll along with me.

I'm not in such a hurry,
I'd leave my Guide behind,
And walk down streets of danger,
With sin of every kind.

He leads me through the dark times,
And I try to follow Him,
For I know He cares for me,
And His light will never dim.

Faye Reyenga 5 / 11 / 2007

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Music: "Crying In The Chapel"

Used With Permission

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