~ An Hour With You~

Everyone Should Have a Vision
I Have One . . . And it Is Grand
I'll Try to Show You What it Is
Come along . . .Take My

Close Your Eyes ..Walk with Me
Just Use Your Imagination .. . .
You Will See, So Crystal Clear
The New World Celebration

Looking Now upon the New Earth
We Will Notice That Love Flows Freely
In Every Woman, Every Man
No One Hateful, Mean or Greedy

You See, There Is No Sickness.
No Disease, Not One Soul . . . Lame
Life, as We Now Know It
Will Never Be the Same

Look Around, You'll See No Darkness
Only Brightness Every Day
Darkness Is with Satan Now
In Hell, Where He Will Stay

See All the Fields Where Seed Was Planted
They Will Yield Much Food for All
Never the Cry of Hunger, On this New Earth
Food So Plentiful .. . .With Crops So Tall

Waters from Seas . . . Are Crystal Clear
With a Clean And Healthy Bed
No More Bodies on the Bottom
For She Gave up, All Her Dead

Look Around...You'll See No Weapons
No Need for Them, Not Here
No More Wars...Or Rumors Of Them
Just a Lot of Peace To Share

No More Cheating, Lying, Crying
For That All Has Passed Away
For All of That, Was of Satan
And in Hell Now . . . He Will Stay

No More Money...They Don't Need it
Everyone Joined Together as One
Working Eagerly in Harmony
Doing All, That Need Be Done

Our Government Will Cease To Exist
Jesus Will Have The Say
We Will Pray Wherever We Like
On Any Given Day

See the Colors and All the Beauty
Nothing Dirty, Ugly, Or Gray
This New Earth Is Cloaked in Wonder
Displayed by God In Beautiful Array

Yes, I Set My Vision on Our New Earth
And the Things, That God Has Planned
Thanks for Sharing in My Journey
Walking Along, Holding My Hand

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004


Music: "Awakening"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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