~ An Hour With You~




There are times words do not come
But eyes fill with tears
And the message is loud and clear
That the heart is filled with fear.

Words do not fill the void I feel
When a loved one passes away
But the hug and kiss speaks to my heart
That you understand the ache in my soul is real.

Words of love are not necessary you see
For it is expressed by acts of kindness
You show each and every day
And the bouquet of flowers you bring
That speaks of love you have for me.

With hands clasped we walk side by side
Beneath the silver moon shining bright
And love filling our hearts we need not hide
For it surrounds us like a mist
As we stroll through the night
With our hearts full and open
Though not a word is spoken.

Silence is golden they say
When we know it is not time to speak
And wait to collect thoughts
So what we say can calm the storm
And anger pass away.

The bright message of eyes all aglow
And arms spread open wide
Speaks of happiness to know
That our friend has come to be by our side.

A shy and hesitant step lets us know
That a tender soul is reaching out
Seeking a friend to find
Who perhaps will be loving and kind.

The language is not always in words
But just as loudly heard
By the gestures of our hand
And the expressions on our face
Easy to understand.

Jane Ward Smithİ
April 16, 2007




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Music: ""Evening Songl"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Sequenced By: Enya
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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