~ An Hour With You~


As parents we need to realize,
How closely we are watched by "little eyes,"
And that our influence will for a lifetime show!
Friend, as we go on our merry way,
If we don't watch what we do and say,
We're bound to reap just what we sow!

Oh, isn't it so sad,
To see a little lad,
Cussin' and smokin' and runnin' wild?
Ah, but it could have been another way.
If Daddy had taught him how to pray,
Surely he would have been a better child!

Have you ever noticed little girls,
With lovely faces and pretty curls,
Flirtin' and just plain "being a tease?"
Well, they aren't apt to act that way,
If Mommy teaches them how to pray,
And together they find direction on their knees!

The Bible is true, you know!
If we train them up in the way they should go,
When they are old they shall not depart!
For if they "get in their head,"
The things we did and the words we said,
Through God's grace they will get it in their heart!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007


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©Danny Hahlbohm entitled Child's Prayer
and used with his permission

Music: "From Him, Through Him And To Him"

Written By: Ralph Merrifield©
Arranged by Hiland Overgaard
Used With Permission

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