~ An Hour With You~


As the family sits down to sup
The father bows his head to his plate
And the prayer he lifts up
Is surely heard by God so great.

His voice is humble, and full of love
As he asks for God to bless the food
And I'm sure as God looks from above
He sees the father who is so good.

His hands are worn with work and toil
His bowed head is full of gray
He is a man who works in the soil
And he thanks God at the end of a hard day.

His prayer is simple, soft, and low
"Bless this food and help it nourish us
Help our family prosper and grow
And let us in You put our trust."

This quiet, humble man, is my dad
And, oh, I love him so!
Because he cheers me when I'm sad
And doesn't chide me when I'm slow.

He doesn't complain about his work
Even though, at times it must be rough
I've never seen him gripe or shirk
Just because his life is tough.

I'm privileged when I work at his side
Working with shovel or hoe
Enjoying the stories he confides
Learning the farm ways he has to show.

Whenever I see Daddy bow to pray
My heart swells with joy and love
And I know, on some distant day,
My father will be in Heaven above.

Once there he'll get the rest he needs
All his hard toil on earth will be through.
And I will take over planting my dad's seeds
And someday join him in Heaven, too.

Jane Ellen SloneŠ
Revised 6/11/07


Photo from the Big Stock Photo Site

Music: "Shenandoah"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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