~An Hour With You~


Letís close our eyes a moment
Then. . . Let us bow, our head
And think a little, about. . . Calvary
With three men, who hung until dead

Jesus was situated in the middle
Thieves, to His left and right
For them, there was no acquittal . . .
Oh, it had to be a sorrowful sight

I wonder what people were thinking
As they stood, looking at those men
Iím sure Maryís heart was sinking
Crying out to God, again and again

Just imagine, when daylight darkened
And Jesus took his final breath. . . .
The word spread, and people harkened
Listening to accounts. . . Of His death

Oh, but to be there, on the third day
When they rolled away, that stone
I suppose there wasn't much to say
When guards saw. . . They were alone

Jesus had ascended to The Father
Who had sacrificed, His Son
Who paid in full, the "Ransom"
It was finished. . . He had won

For Jesus had conquered death
He took the keys to Hell. . . .
He paid a debt, we couldnít pay
Calvaryís story, is . . .Ours to tell

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2007







The Jesus Christ tube is a courtesy of SuzyQ

Music: "Rise Again"

Sequenced By: Mel Owen
Used With Permission

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