~ An Hour With You~

Born in a stable in Bethlehem,
He was destined to die on the cross.
Jesus took on Himself our sins,
And suffered the pain and loss!

The long road to Calvary,
Started at Jesus' birth.
Yet, He went about doing good,
While He was here on earth!

The road led to the temple,
When He was but twelve years old!
He reasoned with the scholars,
Who were stone faced and cold!

Where he obtained this wisdom,
The chief priests and scribes could not see!
Was not this Jesus, the son of Joseph,
The carpenter from Galilee?

Jesus came in contact with the poor,
As well as those who had fame!
Friend, after they had met Jesus,
They were never the same!

Jesus gave hearing to the deaf,
And eyesight to the blind!
He loved the little children!
He was so good and kind!

The winding road to Calvary,
Led Jesus to a mountain high!
There he talked with Moses and Elijah,
About how He would die.

The road to Calvary led to Bethany,
Where He raised the dead!
"Lazarus, come forth,"
Were the words Jesus said!

The road later led,
To the lonely Garden of Gethsemane,
Where He asked His disciples,
"Couldn't you watch one hour with me?'

Jesus had handpicked his twelve disciples,
Knowing that one day,
Judas with a kiss his Master would betray.

Jesus, who said, "Love thine enemies,"
Without a shadow of a doubt,
Practiced the same love,
He was talking about!

For, there in the Garden of Gethsemane,
With His life coming to an end,
Though Judas was betraying Him with a kiss,
Jesus called him "Friend."

The road to Calvary,
Led to Pilate's judgment hall,
Where Pilate exclaimed,
"In Him I find no fault at all."

But, though Jesus was innocent,
Pilate sentenced Him to die.
"Away with Him," "Crucify Him,"
Had been the mob's angry cry.

From Pilate's hall Jesus went to Calvary,
Where the road came to an end!
They crucified Him between two thieves.
He was without a friend.

But, when He cried, "It is finished,"
The world's sin debt was paid!
Judgment had demanded a payment,
And through mercy it was made!

Robert F. Dotson 2007










Music: "That's Just The Way The Father Is"

Earnest And Roline Ministries
Performed By: Lisa
Used With Permission

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