~ An Hour With You~

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Luke the sixteenth chapter tells of two men,
One was rich the other was poor.
God loved them both equally,
But the rich man loved his treasures more.

The Bible doesn't record the rich man's name,
Though by man he was known well.
He spent his life in luxury,
And eventually wound up in Hell.

Lazarus was the beggar's name.
It seemed he had no hope in sight.
Although he had to lay with the dogs on the street,
His Heavenly Father knew of his plight.

I can picture in my "mind's eye,"
The rich man passing by.
And probably for the most part,
He ignored the beggar's cry.

Lazarus' body was full of sores.
Dogs were his only friends.
It seemed that this pitiful beggar,
On nobody could depend.

He begged for the crumbs from the rich man's table.
He grew weaker every day.
Then, one day death claimed the beggar's body,
But the angels carried his soul away!

They gloriously transported him away,
To the bosom of Abraham.
He would be in peace forever,
This child of the Great I Am!

The rich man died also and was buried.
In Hell he lifted up his eyes,
And saw Lazarus resting in Abraham's bosom,
Yonder in Paradise!

He was in great pain,
So he cried, "Father Abraham."
"I'm tormented in this flame."
"Can you see how miserable I am?"

"Would you please send Lazarus,
With water on his finger tip,
To cool my parched tongue,
And soothe my feverish lips?"

But Abraham said, "Son, on earth,"
"Lazarus had the bad." "You had the good."
"Now you are suffering and Lazarus is enjoying peace,"
"And rest the way he should."

"Besides we are separated,
"By a gulf so very great."
"There is not a passage between us,"
Abraham did state.

The rich man then cried, "Father Abraham,"
"Send Lazarus to my family dear."
"Oh please, warn my five brothers,"
"So they won't wind up in here!"

Abraham said, "Son, they have Moses and the Prophets."
"Let them hear them."
"Even though one went back from the dead,"
"They wouldn't repent of their sin."

The rich man lost his chance for heavenly peace,
That lasts while the ages roll!
He enjoyed the pleasures of sin for a season,
In exchange for his immortal soul!

Though Lazarus was just a poor beggar,
He had his eye on the prize.
He's gone to live forever,
Yonder in Heaven's fair skies!

If we accept the dear Saviour,
And salvation provided at Calvary.
Then no matter what our station in life,
We then can be set free!

We too can go there and join Lazarus,
And receive our just reward.
We'll sing and shout there forever,
And dwell with Jesus our Lord!

Robert F. Dotson 2007


Music: "Through It All"

Sequenced By: Mel Owen
Used With Permission

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