~ An Hour With You~

I live in the lap of luxury,
But it is not a loving home,
I detest the walls that hold me,
I had rather be left alone.

A canopy bed is where I lay,
Each night in search of sleep,
Yet it is a horror chamber,
Where actions make me weep.

The one that is supposed to love me,
Takes advantage of my size,
I guess I am just an obsession,
This hurtful life I despise.

When day breaks I am free to roam,
To the shelter of the forest I flee,
No one to softly call my name,
Deep in the woodlands is safety to me.

The sun is blocked giving darkness,
Beneath the branches thus towering,
Secure with nature I can sleep,
Upon layers of leaves so inviting.

I wish to awaken in another world,
Far from the facade where hurt is encased,
Death, sweet death a desirable respite,
From the dreaded secrets with which I'm faced.

Gayle Davisİ
25 March 2007

Music: "Hurt So Bad"
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Used With Permission
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