~An Hour With You~


God so loved the world,
That He gave His Son to die,
A cruel death on Calvary,
For sinners like you and I!

Jesus, our Lord was willing,
His life to lay down!
He stepped from His throne in Glory,
And laid down His Heavenly crown!

He came as a little babe,
A Heavenly King in the form of a man!
No other sacrifice was sufficient,
To fulfill Salvation's plan!

He lived a life of poverty,
So Heaven's riches we might enjoy!
Friend, salvation is free,
To every man, woman, girl, and boy!

Jesus took the road to Calvary,
Knowing all the while,
By His friends He'd be forsaken,
When He walked that last mile!

Oh, what wondrous love and compassion,
On Calvary was displayed!
Jesus' blood became a fountain,
Whereby our sin debt was paid!

The most elegant words of mortal man,
Could never explain,
How the precious blood of Jesus,
Can wash away sin's stain!

However, we don't have to understand,
But only believe,
And cleansing for our sins,
We shall receive!

The miracle of Mount Calvary,
Is healing for the body and soul!
Now we may enter Heaven,
Where we'll live while ages roll!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007





The Jesus Christ tube is a courtesy of SuzyQ

Music: "Oh The Wondrous Cross"

Written By: Ralph Merrifield©
Arranged by Michael L. Jester
Used With Permission

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