My friend and I were walking around town
When we spotted an old broken down shack,
We decided to continue on our journey
Hoping to take a better look on our way back.

A little later as we were returning.
Soon that old shack came into view,
We could see the grounds around it,
Care and repair was certainly due.

A child’s swing was resting out back.
The paint on the house was peeling,
The windows were broken, the sashes torn
The building appeared to be reeling.

My friend and I decided
To think about that old shack,
Give it honor, a special place
So we turned time and pages back.

Perhaps a newly wed couple
Worked hard clearing out the land,
They were excited planning their home
As they worked together hand in hand.

I know love and a family
Years ago, must have lived here,
For there are rusty toys strewn all about.
Things children love and hold so dear.

We decided the family had moved on
To a bigger and better thing,
We hope they found all the happiness
That love, life, and treasures can bring.

Shirley J. Oremland©



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Music: "I Remember"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
© Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission

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